Kunzmann family – a genealogical family history

This website is dedicated to the family history of the Kunzmann family descending from Bohemia. Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic was a province of the Habsburgs’ Austrian Empire.
After the Second World War the vast majority of Germans inhabitants was expelled by force from the Sudetenland and as a result, the Kunzmann family was scattered over whole Germany and beyond. Are you searching for your Kunzmann ancestors and interested in an exchange of information? Then just drop us an email at info@kunzmann.family.


Kunzmann from Bohemia

Former residence place of the family Kunzmann from Bohemia:

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Sauersack, Hirschenstand, Frühbuß, Silberbach, …

Kunzmann today

After the expulsion of the Sudeten German, the Kunzmann family from Bohemia got scattered over while Germany. Nowadays, the last name Kunzmann can be found in all parts of the German republic and beyond.

Distribution of the Kunzmann family name in Germany:
Kunzmann family name distribution

The Kunzmann family developed into independent and incoherent clusters, where descendants scattered further and further. As such, we have several experiences where no common Kunzmann ancestors could be identified.

Note: We are the Kunzmann family from Bohemia and there is another big Kunzmann family in Germany in the area of Mannheim, Pforzheim, and Enzkreis. However, besides the last name, no other familiar relationships exists as this family is resident in that area for very long time.

Onomatology – the roots of the Kunzmann family name

The last name Kunzmann was a quite common first name until the medieval age. Only later, it evolved to a family name and was no longer used as first name. The name has existed in many different spellings: Kunzmann, Cunzmann, Cuntzmann, Konzmann, Kontzmann, Conczman, Cünzmann, Cüncelmann, Kunstman, Kunzman, Kuntzmann and similar forms, e.g. Cuntz.

The name “Kunzmann” is composed of the two syllables „Kunz“ and „Man“.

  • Kunz: meaning Kunrad and is an abbreviation of the Germanic first name Konrad, Kounrad or Kunrad, Conz or Cunz. Other variants of the name are Cuno or Couno (in Latin), Conz (Swabian), Cunz (Franconian), as well as intermediate forms: Cünz, Cuntz and many more.
  • Man: meaning “son” (Germanic) or “man” in a very generic sense.

Kunz-Man thus denotes to: „Kunzen’s son“ or „Son of Kunrad“.

About us

The Kunzmann family stories of some of the authors and friends is available in the category “Über Uns (German only)”. Please contact us if you are interested and you would like to get further information in English.


This a purely private homepage on the Kunzmann family from Bohemia and Saxony. Using some selected stories, reports, and photos we try to give you some insights into the history of the Kunzmann family starting from the 16th century in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) to the present day.

This blog was create in all conscience and we cannot guarantee for completeness and correctness. The authors are not professional genealogist and their approach is a mix of different, partially rather nonscientific methods. Sometime, the own perception and memories of events superimpose with the real events. We strive to continuously update, correct, and extend this website based on further research results and insights.

Our goal is to give you a first impression on the residents in the Ore Mountains and the Kunzmann family, hopefully providing to you further pieces and information in your own genealogical family research. We invite you to get into contact with the authors, in particular if you can provide extensions or corrections to one of the posts.

Are you a Kunzmann yourself and descending from a Bohemian Kunzmann family originating from Sauersack / Frühbuß / Hirschenstand / … ? If so, we would be happy to hear from you. Just drop us a mail at info@kunzmann.family and we will come back to you soon.

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  1. Good evening,
    My grand-father was sent to Paul Kunzmann’s farm in the Lauter community in Germany for a few years during the second world war as a prisoner of war. His name was Auguste Ducroquet. He was treated very well by the family and later received a letter from them. Unfortunately, he was unable to read it but I would love to connect with anyone with information on this family.
    Thank you,

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